Dive Princesses
Carlos underwater with mask
Launching from Praia do Tofo
Shark Ray on Giants Castle
Surf Launch with Carlos in the Lead
Whale Shark in Tofhino
Cleaning Station at Manta Reef
Fishermen heading out from Praia Do Tofo
Masters students in marine biology and coastal management
Whale Shark
An old friend at Giants Castle
Three new instructors
Alberto, Anabela and the Maunza crew before a Village talk
Ready for a surf launch


President Emeritus

As you all know from seven years ago I have been talking about Mozambique’s beautiful oceans. I have become Mozambique’s first dive instructor and was the first President of Bitonga Divers, the professional native scuba Divers association and marine resource conservationists. For all this time I have had a mission.

In 2010 I was the presenter of the documentary “Shiver,” broadcast on National Television and translated and shown in China. Since then, I have been the co-presenter and guide for television productions and films from Thallasia 3 in France, BBC2 in England, and the Travel Channel in the United States. I have also done many interviews for magazines, radio and television.

This has all been successful for promoting the uniqueness of Mozambique and creating new economic opportunities for locals, but my most important work, and what I am most proud of is “Village Talks.”

In remote fishing communities people have no idea of the value of our sharks, mantas and other extraordinary creatures. They haven’t heard of conservation and ecosystems, and they don’t know why tourists come to see these animals. They don’t know they can benefit from tourism and preservation of species.

As soon as I became an instructor I understood I could be an ambassador for our oceans and that this was my most important job.

My documentaries and films have connected our ocean with its local communities and for me this is the most effective way to reach as many people as possible with the message of conservation and opportunity.



Carlos underwater without mask