Alberto, Anabela and the Maunza crew before a Village talk
Whale Shark in Tofhino
Fishermen heading out from Praia Do Tofo
An old friend at Giants Castle
Cleaning Station at Manta Reef
Whale Shark
Dive Princesses
Launching from Praia do Tofo
Three new instructors
Carlos underwater with mask
Masters students in marine biology and coastal management
Ready for a surf launch
Shark Ray on Giants Castle
Surf Launch with Carlos in the Lead


In February of 2012 Bitonga Divers intensified the Village Talks Program. Gabriel Marime responded to the request of the spearfisherman's co-op of the village of Mahila to provide education on species and habitat conservation, sustainable fishing practices, and global problems affecting their dwindling fishery. They intend to convince four villages in close proximity to create áreas de natalidade (nursery areas where spawning fish can reproduce and juveniles can grow to maturity) and develop other management practices that will result in more fish and sustainable long-term fisheries.

Now Bitonga Divers along with 10 heads of CCPs from Morrumbene, Mahila, Tofo, Paindane, Legogo, and Escriva are trying to analyze recent changes on the demand side of the shark fin market and how it is affecting the supply side in Mozambique


Mahila workshop 1
Mahila workshop 2
Mahila workshop 3