Dive Princesses
Ready for a surf launch
Whale Shark
Surf Launch with Carlos in the Lead
Carlos underwater with mask
Shark Ray on Giants Castle
An old friend at Giants Castle
Cleaning Station at Manta Reef
Masters students in marine biology and coastal management
Three new instructors
Alberto, Anabela and the Maunza crew before a Village talk
Launching from Praia do Tofo
Whale Shark in Tofhino
Fishermen heading out from Praia Do Tofo

The coastline of Moçambique is one of the world’s thirty-four official Biodiversity Hotspots.

It is home to year-round populations of marine megafauna: Whale Sharks, Manta Rays, five species of sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, Dugongs and whales. Its reef systems are largely unexplored and unexploited.

Areas of high biocultural diversity and charismatic megafauna attract tourists and, as the world’s largest business, tourism is vital for growing small and medium enterprise in rapidly developing countries like Moçambique. The Government recognizes its role in building sustainable economies for rural Moçambicans and has developed strategies to boost tourism, especially in Inhambane Province.

Moçambique is still far from realizing the economic potential of tourism for its citizens, but Bitonga Divers has established itself in Inhambane to capitalize on the opportunity to grow sustainable and responsible livelihoods for Moçambicans far into the future.